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The Warrior Newspaper

The Fall Issue


The Warrior Newspaper

The Fall Issue


Moderator  Mrs. Lauren Katz

  Editors-in-Chief  Roberto Leito & Tina Luchetta

               Website Designer  Christopher Bob


Ndidi Aguwa

Christopher Bob

Anthony Basilone

Ross Cardwell

Annaeliese Clark

Jamila Dawkins

Catherine Gambeski

Kayleigh Goebelbecker

Brandon Hoolihan

Morgan Hurst

Roberto Leito

Ainsley Lepre

Tina Luchetta

Father Thomas Lutz

Geneva Ng

Kaylie Nolan

Margaret Roach

Joe Scaglione

Letter from the Editors

    This issue of The Warrior was composed by a diverse and dedicated group of writers, who have all worked diligently to create a paper that is both well-informed and intriguing. These articles span a variety of topics: the success of Lourdes sports, demonstrations of community service, gripping current events, and even human interest stories. All of these embody the best qualities of a student body that wholeheartedly demonstrates its interests and passions for the world to enjoy. This newspaper is one of the many lenses through which people can gain insight into the camaraderie felt among our students. This is a bond that is truly unique in any high school environment. The pieces our staff has produced transcend the walls of our Catholic high school, speaking not only to the intellectual promise of each of these students, but to their bright futures as well.

     It has been a true honor to work together as co-editors alongside such a great group of writers. Thank you to our moderator, Mrs. Katz, for without her none of this would have been possible. Her guidance and mentorship to young reporters such as ourselves has been inspiring to us all. The many hours spent researching and writing has resulted in a newspaper that we know readers will enjoy. As the editors-in-chief, we are proud to be part of a platform that exemplifies journalism in its purest form. In browsing this issue, we hope that you are as moved as we are by the exciting news and events that have positively influenced our fellow students. Thank you for taking the time to the read The Warrior, and may God bless America!

Roberto Leito & Tina Luchetta
Editors-in-Chief, 2017-2018
The Warrior