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The Warrior Newspaper

The Winter Issue


The Warrior Newspaper

The Winter Issue


Moderator  Mrs. Lauren Katz

Editors-in-Chief  Roberto Leito & Tina Luchetta

Website Designer  Christopher Bob


Ndidi Aguwa

Christopher Bob

Annaeliese Clark

Matthew Cruser

Anna Darling

Jamila Dawkins

Anna Gregory

Patrick Jodry

Lucas Labrenz

Roberto Leito

Ainsley Lepre

Tina Luchetta

Father Thomas Lutz

Geneva Ng

Margaret Roach

Joe Scaglione

Julia Schlottmann


Letter from the Editors

     We are proud to present the Winter Issue of The Warrior! This issue consists of even more articles, which cover a significant breadth of topics that include, but are not limited to, OLL’s first robotics competition, the Catalonian independence movement, sport season previews, and commentary on broadway productions. The diverse interests of our staff perfectly blend to result in an issue that has something for every reader. As demonstrated by the paper, Lourdeans are continuously active in the school community — a characteristic of our students on which OLL prides itself.

     It is truly remarkable to be a part of a student newspaper that is growing in audience and content. This growth is not only due to our work as editors, but it is also owed to our fantastic staff. Their willingness to take on new and differing material has been humbling; even if it is a topic with which they are unfamiliar, Warrior staff are open to not only reporting, but learning about their topics. It serves as a reminder of the fact that our newspaper is more than an extracurricular activity to put on a college résumé — it is a demonstration of passion. Our writers embody a pure love of journalism, and it could not be more gratifying to witness their enthusiasm to contribute to the paper. Thank you Warrior staff; your hard work has resulted in yet another successful publication! Most of all, our sincerest thanks is for the mentorship and selfless dedication of Mrs. Katz, whose presence and unwavering devotion inspires us all. Furthermore, we would like to thank the readers — your support and interest makes the time spent researching, writing, and editing all worth it. We hope that this issue is truly enjoyable and, once again, we would like the recognize the support and diligence that has been shown in composing The Warrior!

Thank you and may God bless America!

Roberto Leito & Tina Luchetta
Editors-in-Chief, 2017-2018
The Warrior