By Jamila Dawkins

It’s finally Christmas time, Lourdeans!  It’s the season when you don’t have to compromise comfort for style, or style for comfort, because everything is comfortable and comfortable things can be stylish! It’s the one season in which teenaged girls can swim in their sweaters and pull the shoe equivalent of fuzzy socks—Uggs—over their unpainted toes (Unpainted! Because the only time your feet make an appearance between November and February is during the brief moment when you take off one pair of fuzzy socks to replace them with another pair!) and still be appreciated by the fashion world. However, not all comfy staples of the winter season are treated with this joy and anticipation. In this time of giving and receiving, many people have a problem with the receiving—specifically, with the receiving of Christmas gifts such as socks and ugly sweaters.

Every 25th of December, the Christmas-celebrating world vibrates with the collective groan of those who rip open their red-and-green-wrapped presents to find socks. It’s a timeless tradition, and many of us perfect our “Oh wow, thank you so much Aunt Mary!” faces by age eight. However, I have never understood this ungrateful attitude towards socks. They may not be game consoles or Apple Music gift cards, but socks are undeniably more important. When January strikes and you’re forced to shovel the driveway every other weekend, will your Xbox keep your feet warm? When the house is freezing and your parent refuses to budge the thermostat even just one degree warmer, will you wrap your gift cards around your flash-frozen toes? No—you’ll tear off the paper tag, struggle with that plastic cord that goes through the sock toes and always rips the fabric, and pull those gift-socks over your ungrateful, shivering feet.

Similarly, ugly Christmas sweaters are a popular internal-groan-inducing Christmas present choice. But once again, those sweaters can be extremely warm and always serve as a great last resort on laundry day. Can they be itchy? Maybe. Are they pretty much restricted to one month of the year, and stuffed in the back of a drawer for the remaining eleven? Admittedly, yes. However, don’t tell me that when you put your ugly Christmas sweater on in December you don’t get an immediate dose of Christmas spirit.

In short, respect your clothing Christmas gifts, even if at first glance they seem like the bane of your existence. And next year, try to thank Aunt Mary for those socks with a real smile on your face.