By Anna Darling

Six years ago, Father Thomas Lutz began serving a Thanksgiving meal at St. Augustine’s Church in Highland to those who were alone and those who could not afford a meal. With the help of the local elected officials, clergymen from different christian churches, and other volunteers, this meal was made possible. With an experienced leader, the meal received  donations from local restaurants, churches, the fire department, and the police department. The Bruderhof Community of Ulster County has donated homemade rolls each year. Local restaurants have donated their time to cooking the turkeys and had a guest chef attend the meal to carve the turkeys. To spread the word, 100 yard signs were made and distributed throughout Highland. Each year, Father Lutz has noticed an increase in attendees. This past Thanksgiving, approximately 150 people attended the meal at St. Augustine’s school and 70 people were served in their homes. The police department delivered the meals to homebound senior citizens and others who had nowhere to go for the holiday. Those who attended the meal were not only those who could not afford a meal of their own. Veterans who have lost their families and those with family too far away have attended the meals in order to have someone to spend their holiday with. With continued support, this Thanksgiving meal will continue to grow and reach all those in need of a place to spend their holiday.