By: Jamila Dawkins

During the weekend of November 16, the Our Lady of Lourdes Theatre Company once again took the stage to put on The Crucible, an American classic. This year’s fall play, written by Arthur Miller in 1953, was a dramatic retelling of the Salem Witch Trials and their repercussions. Charged with emotion, the play deals with the incongruities between Puritan culture, public appearance, and mob mentality. Lourdes actors brought the classic two-act play to life on stage under the direction of Mr. Tom Lawrence and with the invaluable help of Katie Thorn as stage manager. Seniors Daniel Berry, Nicole Wagner, Ndidi Aguwa, Brianna Ellis, John Calio, and Sara Bucher, took their last bow in the auditorium—although many will likely return in the Arts and Athletics Center for the spring musical.

Due to the snow storm that spanned November 15th and 16th, the show’s Tech Week was cut short, and the cast and crew were forced to cancel a dress rehearsal and the opening night performance. However, theatre kids have a saying for this kind of predicament: “The show must go on!” The cast and crew went on to knock the Saturday performance and the Sunday matinee out of the park.

The show must, indeed, go on, and auditions for the spring musical, All Shook Up, started less than two weeks after the play wrapped. The spring show will be a dance-happy romp of a jukebox musical of Elvis’ greatest hits. Come see the Our Lady of Lourdes Theatre Company put on a show!

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The full cast of  The Crucible

The full cast of The Crucible