By: Anna Darling

In the 2017-2018 school year, Albert Zhu started the Our Lady of Lourdes Ping Pong Club with the help of Mr. Lockwood. Albert was president of the club last year and has continued the club with the help of Mr. Livingston this year.The Lourdes Ping Pong Club, has taken the sport to another level this year as OLL’s very own Varsity Ping Pong Club. This year, Albert Zhu and Alex Giangrasso are co-presidents of the club, assisted by Vice President Annaeliese Clark. Ping Pong, which was first played in Victorian England, became an Olympic sport in 1998. The game requires an advanced intellect and the ability to outsmart one’s competitor by changing the trajectory of the ball. It’s no surprise these Lourdeans are so skilled! Make sure to stay tuned to what  is sure to be an amazing season for OLL’s very own Varsity Ping Pong Club.