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The Warrior Newspaper

The Spring Issue


The Warrior Newspaper

The Spring Issue


Moderator  Mrs. Lauren Katz

Editor-in-Chief Geneva Ng

School News Editor Ellie Keating

Politics and World News Editor

Carrick Sculley

Culture Editor Anthony Basilone

Sports Editor Carey Gallagher


Kate Csisack

Morgan Hurst

Caroline D’Agostino

Jamila Dawkins

Annaeliese Clark

Anna Darling

Kaitlin LaRosa

Carrick Sculley

Geneva Ng

Joseph Colarusso

Ndidi Aguwa

Etzabella Pabón



The Gift of a Stuffed Animal

By Ellie Keating

Junior Year Survival Guide

By Anthony Basilone

Junior Year Survival Guide AP Edition

By Geneva Ng and Kaitlin LaRosa

OLL is “All Shook Up”

By Jamila Dawkins

Celebrating 60 Years of Catholic Education

By Ndidi Aguwa and Kate Csisack

Faith in Crisis: Lessons from Immaculee Ilibigeza

By Geneva Ng


Comfort food: The Annunziatas Serve Students With Both Snacks and Smiles

By Geneva Ng, Ndidi Aguwa, Kate Csisack, and Joseph Colarusso

Stylish or Stereotypical?

By Etzabella Pabón


Spring Sports Have Sprung!

By Carey Gallagher


Letter from the Editor

  Thank you to all who’ve been scrolling through The Warrior thus far! We hope you enjoyed the insights into the inner workings of the Our Lady of Lourdes community, the snippets of life outside the campus and beyond our nation’s borders, and our reporting on the drama of worldwide society. The writers on our team work hard to deliver a diverse and vividly colorful collection to our audience in every issue. Special thanks to the Lourdes faculty, especially for inspiring us to do some of our latest projects! Please take a few moments to watch our Eddy Award nominated multimedia journalism entries in the school news and culture sections. This is a brand-new media for us and we are very excited to share these fully student-produced pieces with you!  

Happy Reading!

Geneva Ng